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You are the one!!

  • Posted: 10/12/2011 03:43:00 PM
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  • Author: Ajusal
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  • Filed under: Love, Poems

The very first time we met..
I never thought..I'd never forget..
But the sublime moments came..
And our feelings got a name..

You're first touch..gave me a shiver..
You're first smile..I still remember..
And after all the endless chats we sought..
There's still an eternity..to talk about..

There were times with disparities at bay..
There were times of hurt and dismay..
But we're still holding on..
And now we're really going strong..

It feels like more than a lifetime..
It feels like an eternal rime..
Yet I do not wish for things to rewind..
Cos you're still on my mind..

When you're gone or when you stay..
I think about you every night and day..
You lift up my spirits like the walking sunshine..
I feel so lucky that my dear you're mine..

You've always been my reason to smile..
And have made my life worth the while..
Your endless affection so special and rare..
Amazes me..for how much you care..

After all the precious times we had..
I'm content and I'm really glad..
Cos you're still the one my love..
You're still the one I love!! :-) :-)